Not All Who Wander Are Lost

From deep sea to deep space, with everything in between.


Speakers for TEDxConnecticutCollege 2014 have been selected from all over the world. Starting with the resources on this campus, from the alumni community, and beyond, the speaker roster for “Not All Who Wander are Lost” represents a breadth of experience, research, and opinion that will lead everybody in attendance to share in a day of collective learning and challenging.


This year’s speakers for TEDxConnecticutCollege include: Underwater Archaeologist and discoverer of the Titanic ruins Robert Ballard; Genetecist and major contributor to the Human Genome Project, Spencer Wells; Photographers and artists Julia Cybularz and Cesar Lechowick; International Journalist and Reporter Gianni Riotta; LGBTQ Adventurer-Activitist Cason Crane; Dancer and choreographer Morgan Griffin ‘12; NASA Astrophysicist and cosmologist Harvey Moseley ‘72; Deputy Counterterrorism Coordinator at the US Department of Homeland Security John Cohen ‘83; Entrepreneur and Executive Director of MPIL Steel Structures Ltd., Priyanka Gupta ‘06; Professor of Anthropology, Catherine Benoit; Professor of Psychogology, Stuart Vyse; Professor of English Courtney Baker; Professor of Government, MaryAnne Borrelli; Professor of Anthropology, Anthony Graesh and student of Anthropology, Tim Hartshorn ’14; Musician Andrew Stein-Zeller ‘14 and Dancer Aaron Davis ‘14; Student and optimist Mia Haas-Goldberg ‘16; Student of International Relations, Conor McCormick-Cavanagh ‘14; Ted Steinberg ‘16, and photographer Mike Wipper ‘17.

What's Your Everest?

Cason Crane

Wandering Through Literature

Courtney Baker

This Piece Means Nothing

Andrew Stein-Zeller and Aaron Davis

The Path You Ultimately Take

John Cohen

Colleges and Local Communities

Anthony Graesch and Tim Hartshorn


Priyanka Gupta

Undersea Exploration -- Past, Present, and Future

Robert Ballard

A Modern "New World": Philosophy of the Abandoned

Mike Wipper


Morgan Griffin

We Have Met The Web and He Is Us

Gianni Riotta

Israel, Iraq and Democratic Peace Theory

Conor McCormick-Cavanagh


Ted Steinberg

A Mind at Play

Stuart Vyse

The Human Journey: A Genetic Odyssey

Spencer Wells

When FOLTUS Travels: The Politics of Wandering

MaryAnne Borrelli

The Infinite Possibilities of Fear and Anxiety

Mia Haas-Goldberg

The Universe - Our Place in Time and Space

Harvey Moseley

On The Luxury of Wandering

Catherine Benoit

Beyond the Single Image

Julia Cybularz and Cesar Lechowick